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Leading Probiotic vs. Beyond Biotics

Watch these time-lapse videos comparing Beyond Biotics to a best-selling drugstore probiotic. See how quickly Beyond Biotics multiplies and colonizes to help shut down the bad bacteria in your gut, so you can enjoy relief FAST!

The Beyond Biotics Difference

  • GUARANTEED to contain at least 12 billion LIVE bacteria (CFUs)
  • Contains specific strains that are RESISTANT TO STOMACH ACIDS
  • The FRESHEST, HEALTHIEST LIVE BACTERIA delivered right to your home!
Beyond Biotics
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Beyond Biotics contains THREE clinically studied and tested strains AND 12 billion bacteria...exactly what's specified in the studies.

Lactobacillus Plantarum (LP-01) and Bifidobacterium Breve (BR-03)

    Scientific Studies Show:

  • Reduce Abdominal Discomfort [In 2 Weeks]
  • Reduce Occasional Diarrhea [In 2 Weeks]
  • Reduce Bloating [In 2 Weeks]
  • Reduce Gas (Flatulence) [In 2 Weeks]
  • Reduce Occasional Indigestion (Dyspepsia) [In 2 Weeks]
  • Improve Regularity [In 2 Weeks]
  • Improve Consistency of Bowel Movements [In 2 Weeks]
  • Improve Ease of Bowel Movements [In 2 Weeks]
  • Reduce Discomfort During Bowel Movements [In 2 Weeks]
  • Improve Occasional Constipation [In 4 Weeks]
  • Improve Sensation of Complete Emptying [In 4 Weeks]
  • Support Digestive Balance & Healthy Gut Flora
Bifidobacterium Lactis (Bl-04)
  • Boosts Immune Response And Natural Defenses.
  • Helps To Support The Natural Balance Of Good Bacteria In Your Gut Where 70% Of The Immune System Is Found.

Did you know?

By the time people turn 20, they have taken an average of 17 courses of antibiotics. The prescription anitbiotics we take, as well as those we consume in the meat, fish, and poultry we eat, are literally killing off the good bacteria in our gut, feeding the bad bacteria, and crippling our digestive tract.

Why Many Probiotics Just Don't Work

Probiotic Myth #1 ~ The More Bacteria (or CFUs), The Better The Probiotic


Many probiotic brands promote that they have 20, 50, even 100 billion live bacteria, but what you need – and what you need to look for - are the same strains and CFU amounts found in the clinical studies, like Beyond Biotics.

Don't Settle for Short-Term "Band-Aids"

Laxatives, fiber drinks, and gas relievers don't get to the SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM. PROBIOTICS are the good bacteria naturally found in your body, food, and supplements. They help improve your body's digestive issues by restoring the balance of GOOD and BAD bacteria in your gut.

Restore Your Digestive Balance

How GOOD and BAD Bacteria Affect Our Health

When Bad Bacteria Takes Over, You Experience:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Irregularity
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Weakened Immune System

With Enough Good Bacteria (or Probiotics) In Your Gut, You Can:

  • Keep Your Gut Healthy
  • Reduce the Amount of Toxic By-Products and Carcinogens
  • Neutralize Bad Bacteria
  • Stimulate the Digestive Process
  • Aid in Nutrient Absorption
  • Enhance Your Body's Immunity
    (70% of your body's immune function is located in the gut)

Probiotic Myth #2 ~ The More Probiotic Strains, The Better


That's marketing fiction. There is absolutely no scientific proof that mixing MORE strains of probiotics together gives you better results than just having the RIGHT strains.

Real People. Real Results.

Nelly LoredoNelly Loredo

BEFORE: I had bloating and gas, had to stay on top of what I ate, and it affected my daily life. I'd get bloated just drinking water or eating a salad. I'm looking at everybody else thinking, "Do they see this?" It's freaky and embarrassing.

AFTER: With Beyond Biotics™, it was like, "Wow!" It was a relief. It helped me get my control back. Beyond Biotics™ has brought my confidence back, it's given me back my body control and it's given me a vibrance, you know? It just brought the joy back.

Bryan RossBryan Ross

BEFORE: I had this real big gas problem that my family didn't appreciate too much. I couldn't eat certain foods that I loved to eat, so that was a big problem, because I like to eat. I also experienced a lot of bloating. I weigh the same, but I feel a lot bigger.

AFTER: After taking Beyond Biotics™, I noticed that I could put on my favorite pair of jeans without having to suck in my gut. I never thought that a single capsule would be able to help me with my gas and my bloating issues. No way; not in a million years.

Bobby JavinettBobby Javinett

BEFORE: I've always suffered from gas and I'm talking really bad gas. Embarrassing-type gas where you walk off to the side so no one can really hear you.

AFTER: After about two and a half weeks of Beyond Biotics™, the gas went away. It's really helped make me feel more confident about myself and just more secure, especially when I go out into the world. I'm going to start adding other types of food into my diet that I had given up. I'll feel more confident about it just because of Beyond Biotics™.

Mary DennisMary Dennis

BEFORE: My gas and bloating were incredibly uncomfortable. It was like someone had taken an air pump and pumped me full of air. If you've ever tried to squeeze a balloon and bend it over, all it does is push everything somewhere else. That's how I felt.

AFTER: Taking Beyond Biotics™ has changed my life. I feel like somebody has let the air out of me. Nothing else ever made that kind of difference. It has really changed everything about my day. I don't think about what I can't eat. I enjoy everything. I even cheat a little bit. I wake up in the morning with more energy. It's actually resulted in no more brain fog. This is not just a probiotic; it is THE probiotic.

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Probiotic Myth #3 ~ Yogurt Is a Good Probiotic Source


Just because yogurts contain live bacteria, it doesn't mean they're effective as a Probiotic. Only a handful of strains have scientific evidence showing their effectiveness. Plus, many yogurts contain sugar, which can actually INCREASE the bad bacteria in our gut.

Leading Probiotic Specialist Recommends Beyond Biotics To His Patients

Don Colbert, M.D.

  • Has treated over 50,000 Patients
  • Physician Specializing in Natural Health Solutions
  • New York Times Best-selling Author

Featured in

  • Prevention Magazine
  • Newsweek
  • Dr. Oz
Don Colbert, M.D.

"It's been my mission to find a truly effective probiotic backed by scientific research... and I finally found that with Beyond Biotics™.

Beyond Biotics™ has been shown in multiple clinical studies to restore gut balance; improve regularity; and lessen gas, bloating, and indigestion.

I always tell my patients that they need to take supplements based on science - not science fiction - and Beyond Biotics™ is based on authentic science."

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